Community Guidelines

To participate in the Colette Patterns blogs, forums, or any other community area, you must agree to abide by some simple rules. 99.9% of people are already doing these things, but we want to make this a fun and inclusive place for everyone.

  1. Be polite. Any rude comments directed at individuals will be deleted. Critique is fine, just be polite about it. Rude comments will be deleted at our discretion.
  2. Respect differences. In sewing, everyone does things differently. Feel free to post your own tips to help people out, but please respect that people may have their own preferences in the way they do things and there is often no hard “right” or “wrong”.
  3. Do not critique another person’s looks or body. There will be no discussion of other people’s body types, negative comments about anyone’s looks, or any sort of body policing. This includes the models on the site.
  4. Do not spam. Do not post comments using your blog or business name in the name field. We understand why you may want to do this, but we’ve found that it can lead to businesses posting irrelevant comments just for the links back. It’s fine (even encouraged!) to enter your blog or business web site in the URL field. We love to support sewing bloggers and small businesses, and it’s a shame but many people abuse blog comments for promotion.
  5. Do not post completely anonymously. Unfortunately, most abusive comments are posted by anonymous users. We ask that you post using some identifying information: either the URL of your web site, your real first name in the name field, or at least a non-anonymous email address. Don’t worry, your email address is never displayed publicly.

Any posts that violate this policy may be deleted. This policy applies to our blog, community forum, Flickr group, and Facebook page. Thank you for visiting and participating!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.