Colette Patterns translations

While our patterns are primarily written in English, we’re excited to offer a growing selection of them available in other languages as well.

To see what languages a pattern is available in, look for the Languages section on the individual pattern pages, as seen here:


There is no need to choose a language when you place your order. The translated instructions will automatically be available for download once your order is complete.

The process for obtaining a translated version varies depending on whether you order a printed or digital version of the pattern.

Downloading a translated version of your digital pattern

If you’ve purchased a digital pattern with a choice of languages, you can simply choose the language you want on your downloads page.


Downloading a translated version of your printed pattern

Our paper patterns are printed in English only, with the translated instructions available as free PDF downloads than can be read on any computer or tablet.

You can find a complete list of available downloadable translations here.

Translator credits

French translations are provided by Mistinguette & Co.

German translations provided by Schnitterling and Katrin Vorbeck.

Spanish translations provided by Ledys Chemin.

Italian translations provided by Solange Grosso.