About our digital patterns

Our digital patterns are delivered as a zip file containing multiple PDFs. This page will help you understand what these files are and how to use them.

Each PDF file has a name beginning with “colette-patterns-1028-moneta…” , but with the actual number and name for the pattern you’re working with. The part of the filename that comes after this tells you what the file is for.

Using Moneta as an example, these are the files you will find when you unzip your digital pattern:

  • colette-patterns-1028-moneta-instructions.pdf
    This file has the instructions for sewing the pattern. You can choose whether to print them or read them from your computer or mobile device.
  • colette-patterns-1028-moneta-contents.pdf
    Like the page you’re reading, this file describes each PDF in the download file.
  • colette-patterns-1028-moneta-v1.pdf
    If you only wish to make version 1, save paper by printing this tiled version on your home printer.
  • colette-patterns-1028-moneta-v2.pdf
    Likewise, if you only wish to make version 2, save paper by printing this tiled version on your home printer. Files named `-v3` and so on work the same way.
  • colette-patterns-1028-moneta-all.pdf
    If you plan to make more than one version of the pattern, this tiled version contains all of the pattern pieces.
  • colette-patterns-1028-moneta-wide.pdf
    If you prefer to print the pattern at a copy shop, or if you have access to a wide-format plotter, this file contains all the pattern pieces. Our wide-format versions will all print on any 36 inch printer, and many will print on the smaller A0 paper as well.

Next step: print your digital patterns.